Generic Adalat 10mg




Adalat Capsule well known as nifedipine which belongs to an excellent group of medicines called calcium antagonists. This general medication drug is widely used to treat high blood pressure, angina also called chest pain or a condition known as Raynauds’s phenomenon which causes changes like discoloration (often whitening) of fingers and toes. This capsule treats Bp by controlling chest pain by relaxing the blood vessels for a good blood flow in the body. Hence this medication drug is also available online by the name of Nifedipine.

High Blood Pressure is a common condition that increasing the speed of the blood flow that causes more intense problems like chest pain, pain in other parts of the body, heart failure, stroke any day or night time, damage to vital organs and many more complicated and the reason due to the weakness, stress, pain in the body, particular medication or other that causes arteries to narrow and increase the risk of the heart disease. Secondhand smoke also increases heart disease attack. Always taking too much salt in your diet can be the other reason. The high amount of sodium in your diet can easily cause your body to accumulate much of fluids that can easily increase blood pressure in the body. Changing your lifestyle like taking low fat and salt, maintaining a healthy weight by exercising for 30 minutes, not smoking and using alcohol can keep you fit and healthy.

Nifedipine capsules when taken regularly by the prescription of your doctor or any health expert helps you for controlling high blood pressure symptoms.


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