Botox is a prescription medication used to treat muscle problems of the eyes, neck, elbows, wrists, and fingers. It is also used to treat migraines, the leakage of urine, and severe underarm sweating.

Botox is a toxin produced by bacteria. It belongs to a class of drugs called neurotoxins, which relax muscles by decreasing nerve signals to those muscles.

This medication comes in an injectable form and is injected into the muscle (IM) by a healthcare professional.

Common side effects include difficulty breathing and swallowing, dry mouth, and pain at the injection site.

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Botox 100iu is quite famous for its secret benefits. These secret benefits can be beneficial in improving and enhancing the appearance of an individual. The enhancing and sharpening of appearance includes the removal of deep facial wrinkles that are present on the skin. This is also widely used in medical treatments also as it provides relief from the muscle spasms. One can buy botox 100iu, which is 100% authentic and original product from Bio-Baxy. This botox is a neurotoxin type of protein which is manufactured by the bacterium C..

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The botox usually has very wide applications; main ones are in the cosmetics via the medical world. And since, it is very potent; hence, a very small amount is introduced in the body. The function of botox in the body is similar to that of the muscle relaxant. The most common use is, its injection in the body on and near the wrinkled skin. This chemical helps to eliminate and diminish the wrinkles making skin more tight and bright.

Botox treats muscle problems of the eyes, neck, elbows, wrists, and fingers. It is also used to treat migraines, the leakage of urine, and severe underarm sweating.

Botox is a prescription medicine that is injected into muscles and used:

  • to treat leakage of urine (incontinence) in adults with overactive bladder who cannot use or do not adequately respond to a class of medications known as anticholinergics
  • to prevent headaches in adults with chronic migraine who have 15 or more days each month with headache lasting 4 or more hours each day
  • to treat cervical dystonia in adult patients to reduce the severity of abnormal head position and neck pain
  • to treat upper and lower limb spasticity
  • to treat the abnormal head position and neck pain that happens with cervical dystonia (CD) in adults
  • to treat certain types of eye muscle problems (strabismus) or abnormal spasm of the eyelids (blepharospasm) in people 12 years and older
  • to treat the symptoms of severe underarm sweating (severe primary axillary hyperhidrosis) when medicines used on the skin (topical) do not work well enough
  • to treat spasticity in adult patients

This medication may be prescribed for other uses. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for more information.


  • Allergan, Inc

Side Effects of Botox

Botox can cause serious side effects including swallowing and breathing difficulties that can be life threatening. See the FDA Black Box Warning and “Drug Precautions” sections.

Other side effects include:

  • dry mouth
  • discomfort or pain at the injection site
  • tiredness
  • headache
  • neck pain
  • eye problems: double vision, blurred vision, decreased eyesight, drooping eyelids, swelling of your eyelids, and dry eyes
  • urinary tract infection in people being treated for urinary incontinence
  • inability to empty your bladder on your own and are being treated for urinary incontinence
  • allergic reactions. Symptoms of an allergic reaction to Botox may include itching, rash, red itchy welts, wheezing, asthma symptoms, or dizziness or feeling faint.

These are not all the possible side effects of Botox. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist for more information.

Tell your doctor about all the medicines you take including prescription and nonprescription medications, vitamins, nutritional supplements, and herbal products. Especially tell your doctor if you take:

  • amikacin
  • clindamycin (Cleocin)
  • colistimethate (Coly-Mycin)
  • gentamicin
  • kanamycin
  • lincomycin (Lincocin)
  • neomycin (Neo-Fradin, Neo-Rx)
  • polymyxin
  • streptomycin
  • tobramycin (Tobi)
  • cholinesterase inhibitors such as ambenonium (Mytelase)
  • donepezil (Aricept)
  • galantamine (Razadyne)
  • neostigmine (Prostigmin)
  • physostigmine
  • pyridostigmine (Mestinon, Regonol)
  • rivastigmine (Exelon)
  • tacrine (Cognex)
  • magnesium sulfate
  • medications for allergies, colds, or sleep
  • muscle relaxants
  • quinidine

Also tell your doctor if you have received injections of any botulinum toxin product in the past four months.

This is not a complete list of Botox drug interactions. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for more information

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