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The priority of our website lies in the quality of our customer service which is always ready to help you! Our online pharmacy always offers you high quality products at affordable prices. If you order a product from our website, you will receive it in new condition.
 If you have any questions regarding the choice of a product, you can always contact our customer service. But our online pharmacy warns you that the advice of our customer service can not replace the advice of a doctor.
Our site is perfectly suited to the needs of our customers: most of them find the products they need straight away and place their order in just 5 minutes.
You can also contact our customer service by phone or email. We are always happy to help!

Competence and professionalism

We are not responsible for the content of other websites mentioned on this site. All information on our website has been carefully considered. However, we can not assume any responsibility or guarantee for the relevance, accuracy and completeness of the information provided. The information contained on this site concerning medical indications, drugs and methods of treatment cannot replace consultation with a doctor. Our liability is excluded. 

1. Content
The author reserves the right not to be responsible for the relevance, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided. Claims against the author for material or immaterial damage, which was caused by the use or non-use of the information provided or the use of erroneous and incomplete information are excluded, unless the intentional malicious act proved . All services and offers are not binding. The author expressly reserves the right to modify, supplement or delete parts of the pages or proposals without notice or to cease publication temporarily or permanently.

2. References
Direct or indirect links to external sites (“hyperlinks”)  
The author expressly declares that at the time of posting these links no illegal material has been posted. The author does not affect the current and future design, content or authorship of the pages by links. Therefore, it categorically denies responsibility for all content of all linked pages that have been changed after the link has been posted. This statement applies to all links within its own website, as well as to foreign entries in guest books, discussion forums, link directories, mailing lists and all other forms of database. data that is accessible through external links. For illegal, erroneous or incomplete content and, in particular, for damages resulting from the

3. Copyright and Trademark
The author seeks to respect the copyrights in graphics, sound documents, video material and text used in all publications. All trademarks mentioned on the site are governed by the provisions of trademark law and the property rights of the copyright holder. Due to the mere mention, it should not be concluded that trademarks are not protected by the rights of third parties! The copyright in published objects created by the author remains exclusively with the author of the pages. Reproduction or use of these graphics, sound documents, video materials and texts in other electronic or printed publications is prohibited without the express consent of the author.

4. Disclaimer (responsibility for the content as a whole):
The content of our pages has been created with great care. However, we are not responsible for the correctness, completeness and timeliness of the content.

As a service provider, we are responsible under the telecommunications law for our own publications. However, according to the same law, we are not obliged to control information transmitted and stored by third parties. The obligation to remove or block the use of information in accordance with the law remains unaffected. However, liability in this regard is only possible from the day of receipt of information about a particular violation. In case of violation,

5. Disclaimer (user comments, blog posts, forum
posts ): On 24pharmacia.com, the anonymous review and product rating feature for users is implemented. You can use any name or nickname that doesn’t offend others.
The ability to post and read reviews is only used to exchange ideas and experiences of our users for informational purposes only.
The examinations can in no way replace the professional recommendations of a doctor or a pharmacist. The content of the journals is not intended to provide medical or other advice or instructions on drugs or certain diseases. The information on this website cannot and should not be used for diagnostics or to select and apply treatment methods.
Therefore, always consult a doctor in case of health problems!
Reviews only reflect the personal opinion of our users. We have no influence on the form and content of these journals. In addition, the messages on the site may not coincide with our opinion. Therefore, we are not responsible for the form and content of the reviews. 

Please note that reviews that serve for hidden advertising purposes are strictly prohibited and may be removed.
Reviews and other user posts that violate legal standards or our recommendations will be permanently removed from the site.

6. Privacy policy
If the Internet offers the possibility of entering personal or professional data (e-mail addresses, names, addresses), the transfer of this data from the user’s side occurs only on a voluntary basis. The use and payment of all the services offered – insofar as this is technically possible – can also occur without clarifying this data or anonymously. 

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